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Hi there!

My name is Javier, and I love, love, love good books and reading. When I come across a sentence or a passage that blows me away it makes me want to share it with others. This blog is where I get to do that. Most of my reading is in theology, politics, and philosophy. I’m trying to read more history and fiction (usually classics).

A bit more about me:

I was born in Cuenca, Ecuador but grew up in Miami and the Washington, DC area, which I grow more fond of every year. I have a Bachelor’s in International Affairs and a Master’s in Democracy and Governance from Georgetown. It was here, as an undergraduate, where I discovered a love for philosophy, theology, and the classics, in no small part thanks to James Schall, S.J., a wise teacher and lover of the Higher Things who influenced many others like me. It was in his classes where I resolved to continue in the company of the likes of Plato, Aristotle, Cicero, Augustine, Aquinas, Dante, Tocqueville for the rest of my life. These men have come and gone, but their words are still with us, and they continue to challenge, move, delight, and astound us.

It was also at Georgetown where I met my incredible wife, who encourages my love for reading and knows how to give me good books.

I’m also a Christian, and my faith is the lens through which I read and go about life. If you’re not a Christian or religious, I’m glad you’re here. Read on, and I hope you like what you see.

Happy reading!


One comment

  1. Julio Bohórquez

    Paso buen tiempo leyendo tus comentarios. Estoy aprovechando el feriado de difuntos, el Lunes vuelvo a clases. Mi primer interés de joven era Estudiar política, sociología, antropología, era activista político. Pero me disgustaba la doble actitud de muchos politicos que trataba. Terminé el colegio como Bachiller en Ciencias Filosóficas sociales. Te lo cuento solamente para que aceptes mi interés por lo que a tí te apasiona. Que Dios te bendiga y cuide tus pasos.
    Un libro muy importante para mí en esa época es “La noche quedó atrás” de Jan Valtin. Es la historia de un marino alemán, miembro del partido espartaquista, socialista, en la época del nazismo. 800 páginas se lo puede conseguir del internet. Mucho me ayudó para tomar decisiones buenas. Por supuesto la política en ecuador y alemania nazi no son como en los USA
    Paz y Bien

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