Have you ever in your reading come across that gem of an insight that got you so excited, you had to stop reading and share it with a friend?

Have you ever felt frustrated at the sheer quantity of good books that have been written, waiting to be read and discovered anew, knowing there simply isn’t as much time as we’d like to read all of them, much less reread the ones that merit the compliment?

Have you ever come to that place where you realize that books offer such a vast world of wisdom and delight and experiences, that you knew you had to begin capturing some of this for yourself, not only for your own education and enjoyment, but for better knowing how to do this thing called life?

This blog was born out of such experiences.

When we delight in something, we instinctively want to share it with others. That’s exactly what I want to do here. As someone who loves books and the treasures they have to offer, I invite you to join me as I share what I consider to be the “choice morsels” from my reading diet with friends and anyone willing to stop by. Following my interests, this blog will be heavy on liberal arts and humanities, theology and philosophy in particular; but you’ll find other subjects interspersed between Aristotle and Augustine, as I strive to wander out of my favorite neighborhoods into unfamiliar yet equally fascinating territory.

Thanks for reading!


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